Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gallery Walks

One way of having students share and critique each other's math ideas is by hosting gallery walks. Prior to a gallery walk, students work on a problem or question and share their thinking, ideas and/or strategies in writing, usually on a large whiteboard or poster size paper that can be displayed in class. Then students walk around the room to reflect on responses from classmates, writing down ideas they agrre with, disagree with, or feel need to be clarified.  Following a gallery walk, we come together as and have a whole class discussion to review the concepts, including understandings and misunderstandings that are uncovered during the process.

The pics below are from a gallery walk during our last unit, involving adding and subtracting integers, and how to represent the concepts with visual models.  Enjoy!

When adding 2 integers, how do you know if the sum will be positive or negative?

This question requires students to use a chip model to better understand the idea of why subtracting a negative integer increases the value.

Students analyzing one group's response to a question...

These students are working collaboratively to answer one of the questions prior to the gallery walk.

Students are currently working on a project in which they are creating a series of cartoon characters. The project focuses on mathematical similarity, scale factor, and the relationship between scale factor in similar shapes and area.  Check back soon for more info and pics of student projects!

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