Friday, October 9, 2015

Welcome to 7th Grade Math!

To kick of the school year, all 7th grade students participated in an Identity Project.  Each core class integrated content to focus on identity - who are we each as individuals, who are we as a group, and how does each of our individual indentities and our group identity co-exist?  In math, we created rectangular "Identity Prisms".

Class lessons focused on how to determine surface area and volume of a rectangular prism, and how to create a flat net for a rectangular prism.  Students were told that their prism had to have a volume of 48 cubic inches.  Each face represented a piece of their individual identity.  The challenge was to create a prism in which you could represent which parts of your identity were the most important to you.  Therefore, students needed to figure out how to make the surface areas of each face either larger or smaller, depending on which part of their identity they were representing.

Students learned about surface area and volume first by using various rectangular prisms found in the classroom and finding their volumes and surface areas.  This led to discovery of formulas for both measures.

                                        Students working collaboratively during a work period

Some students used cubes as a way to justify using the formulas for volume and surface that they knew or discovered

                                         Before creating their prisms, students drew out their nets - a flat                                                              version of their prisms - using grid paper or white boards.


                                                    Working on the final product!

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